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 Jane Jenkins

When you find a gem you want to tell everyone about it! Jane is a phenomenal voice coach and a true diamond in San Antonio.
- Michael Street

Thank you for being a wonderful voice coach and cheerleader. you encouraged me to be more creative which has manifested in many places of my life. My life is richer by far for knowing you and experiencing your bright smile. hugs!
- Lori Hanson

Jane is an excellent voice coach and a joy to work with. She is able to tailor her approach to each student's individual needs and makes an effort to ensure that you get what you want out of your lessons. In my very first lesson, Jane identified some of my problem areas and some bad habits I didn't even know I had! And she devised ways to improve upon my weaker areas in every lesson. Whether I wanted to work more on vocal exercises or on specific songs, Jane structured our lessons based on my priorities. She's adaptive and flexible and any student of voice would be lucky to work with her!
- Jessica Jeffcoat

I had absolutley no prior knowledge or experience of singing lessons, so I just got on Google and searched away. 'Vocal Ease Method' was a phrase that stood out among the rest when I came across Jane Jenkins website.

Well, five lessons later, I can truly say that God lead me to the ideal singing instructor. Jane radiates with the passion for singing, as well as teaching on an individual basis. She was always concerned with what worked for me, not just everyone in general.

I can now hold a note much longer and more consistently than I ever have before, which instills an incredible amount of confidence in my performance. Her knowledge of SLS and the Vocal Ease Method is vast, and she makes it so easy to learn. I like to refer to it as 'effortless singing.' My 1 hour sessions every week were perfect, always giving me new techniques to practice and a desire to sing better day after day. Simply put, if you want to improve your vocal technique and gain confidence, call Jane immediatley!
- Jason Doyle

Hire this lady now!
- Dan

I've had a chronic case of stage fright, since I was in high school. I was about to give up on public performing, but Jane has taught me some methodical techniques that really work and the stagefright has been slowly but surely inching its way down to almost none, at times.
- Katie M.

I use to sing fine sometimes, and at other times my singing was really bad. I never knew why. Jane has been teaching me for almost 1 year, and I now know on a consistent basis, that my voice will do what I want it to. It feels good to finally have control over my voice, over my breathing, and to produce some solid powerful sounds without any straining.
- Ron H.

The most amazing thing I've learned has been how to produce resonance and stay right on pitch with two very simple techniques. With the practice tape and singing in the mirror, I have done things with my voice, I never knew to be possible.
- Joan A.

Jane has this way of making us feel safe. She "babysteps" us through the new material and methods andmakes it easier than we ever throught possible.
- Audrey K.

Having never taken singing lessons and without any prior knowledge of how to sing, Jane was able to clearly illustrate what techniques to use to build strength, volume, range and endurance. Jane also encourages all styles; rock, blues, jazz, you name it. Most importantly, Jane makes each lesson an exceptionally fun pursuit. I have enjoyed her enthusiasm, patience, sense of humor, training, passion and experience tremendously. P.S. You truly are a wonderful teacher and Human Being. You Rock!
- Eric V.

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