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 Jane Jenkins

The Essence of VEM

Today's popular music styles demand special training. Jane Jenkins designed the Vocal Ease Method to meet the challenge. As a Vocal Ease Method artist you experience the ease of speaking while singing. By avoiding added pressure or other manipulation of the voice, VEM allows your vocal cords to experience a blending as the singer moves up to the higher range.

This creates a tremendous advantage for the singer, who is now able to glide through their full range without any breaks in the voice. The singer achieves a higher and lower pitch range without working to increase pressure on their vocal cords. This pure approach to vocal cord vibration produces exceptional pitch accuracy, beautifully supportive body resonance, and radical adaptability for many styles of singing.

More Details on VEM

We describe the mechanics of Vocal Ease Method as involving the larynx staying down while the vocal cords stay together throughout the vocal range. VEM singers do this during all vowel and consonant sounds through all phrases. This gives a rich sound that is not breathy or uneven.

You can see that the larynx is tightening when the bump in your neck that houses it moves upward. This tightening can prevent you from getting your drink into your lungs, but it is not so helpful for singing. To have your first experience of getting your larynx to stay down and more relaxed, feel your Adam's apple while you yawn. If you try singing while you feel your Adam's apple, you will probably feel it rise and fall. This may be hard to believe, but with Vocal Ease Method instruction, you will learn to sing in such a relaxed way, that your Adam's apple actually stays at relatively the same level while your notes rise and fall through your full vocal range.

The vocal cords (or vocal folds) are made of fairly soft tissue that join at the front of the larynx. The Vocal Ease Method has gained much of its popularity because it respects the vulnerability of these tissues, and preserves them during the demands of professional singing. Singers that do not know Vocal Ease Method tend to fight with air. They may not realize it, but they are constricting their vocal folds and creating pressure to blow them apart in order to get the extremes of their range or special effects. It feels perfectly normal to them, but the results can be (and often are) disastrous. Take a look at grammy award winning singer and you will see long careers including many familiar names with extraordinary voices that have survived extremely demanding schedules and music while retaining their youthful luster.

Science Helped Create VEM

The stroboscope has helped to perfect the Vocal Ease Method. While it is impossible to see vocal cords vibrate at 220 to 440 times per second with the naked eye, it is possible to know exactly how fast and how well they are vibrating under the pulsing light of the stroboscope. We can observe exactly how much stress and separation the vocal folds are experiencing. The Vocal Ease Method was forged with this kind of scientific testing to ensure that the methods were truly preserving vocal integrity. Now we can trust our ears and our eyes when we assess the value of this revered technique.

Jane Jenkins

Your vocal coach, Jane Jenkins, has extensive training and experience using the Vocal Ease Method and was a certified voice instructor with Speech Level Singing International for 5 years, from 2007 - 2011. She also had a career of her own as a singer and public speaker. Although Janes' personal favorite is jazz, she is eclectic across every musical genre. She continues to help students sing with passion and soul in all their genres. Her main objective is to help the student get rid of the clutter in their voice and blend low and higher notes skillfully. She is now available in northeast San Antonio in her home state of Texas.

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